Crystal Healing

healing crystalsOver the last decade, the use of crystals has grown in popularity, and for good reasons. Crystals are said to be able to aid us in the healing process of unhealthy levels of stress, anxiety, lack of confidence and many more. Using crystals is not a modern phenomenon; for instance, the Ancient Egyptian’s used lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, emerald and clear quartz in their jewellery. Nowadays, celebrities such as Adele, Kate Hudson and Victora Beckham use them as apart of their healing processes.

You may wonder, how does it all work? What is crystal healing? Crystal healing sits within the area of vibrational healing. You and your etheric energies, which is your aura and chakras, vibrate at a specific frequency.

The crystal healing session

crystal healing

You may not know this from before, but there is a feedback loop between your physical body, mind and etheric energies. Simply because of life, our etheric energies can come out of balance, and crystals can assist with bringing those energies back to harmony. Therefore, when we use crystals in a crystal healing session on your etheric energies, it will positively influence your physical body and mind.

If you open up a book on crystals, put ‘crystals’ into the search field on Google or go on a crystal healing course, you will see that different types of crystals can heal various illnesses.

Citrine is supposed to increase confidence, whilst an amethyst will help raise your consciousness and improve your imagination. That is all true; at the same time, it is not that straight forward. Crystals have to be a vibrational match to the person they are meant to heal.

Hence, working with a Crystal Healer is essential to begin with – eventually, you can start picking out your own crystals for self-healing, more on that later on in this post. In a crystal healing session with me, I will use a crystal pendulum to link with your etheric energies and diagnose which crystals you need at this moment in time.

And then, I will place them within your auric field in a grid, on your chakras and lead you through a meditation that opens you up to the energies that are flowing through the crystals.

The crystal healing session should leave you feeling more calm, relaxed, think more clearly, take on challenges from an improved perspective, and able to see all of the opportunities around you.

Crystal healing courses

chakraAs mentioned earlier, you can also pick out your own crystals to start working with them yourself. To do this, you can pick a few different routes; you go on a crystal healing course or pick out the ones you need at this moment in time intuitively. I would recommend that you go down the route of picking your crystals intuitively. Your Spirit within will know which one you need – all you have to do is trust yourself and practise meditation to┬áimprove your intuition.

The first step of picking your first crystal is to set your intention. Ask yourself, what do you want to use a crystal for? After you have written your intentions down either on a piece of paper or on your notes app, you can go to a crystal shop or start browsing online. The one that you are supposed to have right now will stand out amongst the rest. After that, you will want to programme your crystal for your needs.

Crystals are elemental forces of nature, with their own form of life-giving energy; unlike us, they do not have complex thoughts and emotions – they work more like computers. And just as a computer has to be programmed to function, so does crystals. Instead of using computer code, you would programme crystals with the power of thought and intention. For example, in meditation, you will focus on filling the crystal with glowing radiant energy and tell the crystal to help you overcome difficult thoughts.

If you are unsure which crystal to choose, an excellent place to start is always a Clear Crystal Quartz – the are known to be the great healers amongst all the crystals. And with the power of your mind, you can infuse them with the colour that you need right know to re-establish harmony and balance within yourself.